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Here at Simply Chiropractic, we want to make your chiropractic visit the best experience. Through a simplified system and a patient-oriented approach, taking back your health has never been easier.

Now Offering Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Simply Chiropractic is proud to now offer Deep Tissue Laser Therapy to our clients in Nixa, MO and the surrounding areas. Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is a fast, simple, and drug-free treatment option for various body pains and conditions.  Laser Therapy sessions start at only $45 and result in immediate pain relief to many clients.

Dr Guison Nixa, Mo Chiropractor

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Guison is a native of the Springfield, MO area and graduated from Logan University in 2017. His desire to help people live a better, pain-free life has led him to work at chiropractic offices across the Midwest.

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Patient Testimonials

At Simply Chiropractic, our patients are our top priority. Whether you’re visiting a chiropractor for the first time, or have received adjustments for several years, we go the extra mile to ensure a great experience.

New Chiropractic Patients

$49 New Patient Special

First time visiting Simply Chiropractic? Mention the New Patient Special and receive a complete physical exam with the doctor and series of x-rays. Also included is the follow-up report of findings.  All for only $49!

Upfront Pricing on Chiropractor Services

Manual Adjustment

A chiropractic adjustment is a low-risk manipulation that allows the nervous system to function free of obstructions.


Decompression Therapy

A motorized traction machine that gently stretches the spine. Spinal decompression helps in the treatment of lower back pain & more.


Traction Therapy

A mechanized massage table that assists in relaxing the muscles and alleviating back pain.


Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy is a fast, simple, and effective treatment for various body pains and conditions.
Click Here to learn more about Deep Tissue Laser Therapy and its benefits.


Proudly Located in Nixa, MO

Simply Chiropractic is located at 696 West Mount Vernon Street in Nixa, MO. Our professional facilities and friendly staff attract clients from across southwest Missouri, including Springfield, Ozark, Clever, Highlandville, and more. Schedule your $49 new chiropractor patient special today, and discover why we currently hold more than 100 five-star Google reviews.

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Through a simplified system and a patient-oriented approach, taking back your health has never been easier.

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