About Simply Chiropractic

We have welcomed thousands of clients through our doors in the 3 short years we’ve been in business. By treating our clients fairly and consistently delivering great results, we have managed to become a trusted and reputable name in chiropractic care.

Nixa Chiropractor Phillip Guison

Meet Phillip Guison, DC

Dr. Guison is a graduate of Logan University and a native of the Springfield area. He is a passionate and talented provider who always seeks what is best for his patients

Dr. Guison is trained in multiple adjusting techniques which he pulls from to individualize his treatment. Dr. Guison has a love of people. He is always trying to assist others in their quest for a better life and his career in chiropractic has only expanded this desire. After working with other doctors in the St. Louis and Northern Texas areas, Dr. Guison decided to move back home and start his own practice in order to bring the benefits of chiropractic to his native area.

Whitney Guison

Whitney is the Operations Manager for Simply Chiropractic and married to Dr. Guison. She is responsible for maintaining the excellence of the patient experience.

Whitney is often out in the community educating Nixa about the benefits of chiropractic care, specifically at Simply Chiropractic.

Whitney has a Bachelors in Communication Studies and a Masters in Communication with an emphasis in Conflict Resolution. She is a trained mediator and has loved learning the new world of running a successful chiropractic office. She divides her time with her and Dr. Guison’s two adorable kids who you may see in the office from time to time.

Simply Chiropractic Operations Manager Whitney

Important Notice

Dr. Guison will be taking the remainder of the year off due to personal health reasons. During this time, our offices may not be open for appointments. We understand the importance of your health and wellness needs, and we are actively exploring options to ensure continuity of care during this period. Please stay tuned here and on our Facebook for further updates. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


The Simply Chiropractic Team